Tea Mug – the new way to enjoy tea with a Tea Mug

Tea Mug

From elegant to functional: Tea Mugs for every taste

Bamboo, glass or Chinese style: Tea Mugs are available in many variations

For many people, starting the day with a cup of tea is a ritual they have grown fond of. With a tea cup in an appealing design tea tastes so good again. An especially beautiful specimen for tea connoisseurs is an Asia or China tea mug. Delicate, thin glass or porcelain characterizes these tea cups. Tea is prepared very classically in a beautiful teapot.

If you travel a lot, a To-go Cup is just the right model for you. With the stylish thermo mugs or stainless steel mugs you can also enjoy tea and coffee on the way. In the office or during sports, you always have your favourite drink handy in a tea cup. In winter, hot tea warms you up wonderfully from the inside. A further advantage: The lid keeps it tight so that no liquid can leak out. Boring and environmentally harmful disposable cups made of plastic are finally a thing of the past.

Robust and easy to clean: Tea Mugs made of high-quality materials

Bamboo, stainless steel or double-walled glass are ideal and particularly high-quality materials for thermo tea cups. They keep the drink in the tea cup constantly hot or cold. The lid can be tightened and prevents the liquid from leaking. However, these materials have even more advantages: They are tasteless, easy to clean in the dishwasher or by hand. Besides, they don’t take on odours. The removable strainer is particularly clever with the to go tea cup: loose tea is put into the strainer, then infused with hot water. After a corresponding infusion time, remove the filter and enjoy your tea. Tea cups are available in different sizes and designs.

Tea Mug: A nice gift for real connoisseurs

Are you looking for a suitable birthday or Christmas present for your friends? With a tea cup in a beautiful design you will certainly make them happy. A tea cup goes particularly well with a teapot, a matching strainer and a delicious tea. Tea cups or cups made of fine glass are chic and noble. Whether your friends prefer fine Asian tableware or a rustic Thermo Cup: there is a large selection of different tea cups for different demands. If you prefer coffee, you will receive a coffee cup and a matching pot.

Tea Mug instruction 1

Instructions: Step 1
Pour the tea directly into the bottle or tea strainer. The amount depends on the type of tea and the desired strength of the tea. We recommend 2 to 8 grams.

Tea Mug instruction 2

How to play: Step 2
Fill the hot water directly into the bottle and close the lid. Let the tea brew for 1 to 3 minutes. Depending on the tea, you can infuse your tea up to four times.

Tea Mug instruction 3

Instructions: Step 3
The tea is drunk directly from the bottle. The bottle is designed for drinking directly from the bottle. A transfer into a cup is not necessary.

Tea Mug advantages, 600ml double-walled, dense, bpa-free, tea strainer, tea filter, lid
  • double-walled insulated bottle
  • Hot up to 8h hot
  • Cold up to 12h cold
  • 100% tight / BPA free
  • easy cleaning
  • Tea filter and tea strainer